About Us

7 Figure Food and Beverage is a Digital Media, Consulting and Education company focused on providing real world solutions to Food and Beverage companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Our services consist of sales, marketing and addition to business strategy, coaching and training.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs with deep industry knowledge, our mission is to empire business owners and companies both large and small with the tools and know-how to effectively operate and scale their Food & Beverage operations.

From enhanced revenue generation tactics and multichannel client acquisition to operational efficiencies, automation and proven back and front of house systems, we’re looking to change the way our industry operates and bring F&B into the 21st century. 

Our vision is a world in which small mom-and-pop shops, medium-sized businesses and large companies alike have the opportunity, knowledge and tools to scale their operations and increase efficiency so that they can generate employment opportunities and drive economic growth. 

Meet The Executive Team

Nick Brune


 With more than 20 years of Food and Beverage experience under his belt, Nick Brune has been building and growing food and beverage companies since his formative years. Nick founded Eco Caters™, a multimillion dollar catering company with operations in multiple states in 2007 and has been featured in numerous media outlets and publications including People Magazine™, ESPN™ 

Leif Holtzman


Leif started his career in Digital marketing in the early 2000s with Search Engine Marketing Limited and went on to oversee operations, at Level Media™ where he worked with numerous large scale hospitality brands such as Hard Rock™, Mohegan Sun™, Resorts AC™ and Pechanga™. He founded his own marketing firm Zensato™ in 2016 and has helped to drive growth and acquistion for businesses in multiple industries.

John Boozer


A seasoned sales professional with more than 2 decades of experience across multiple industries, John was responsible for exponentially increasing revenue at Eco Caters™, more than doubling sales year over years, for 3 consecutive years. His deep knowledge of sales systems, coupled with his hands-on experience in the Catering world and Food & Beverage industry make him a valuable asset. 

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